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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Gavin Biggs

Gavin Biggs
Gavin Biggs has been working in education for 20 years, teaching and managing international educational projects with government, academic and corporate partners. Gavin has a degree in Psychology from the University of Exeter and his professional interests include the effective use of stories in learning, and motivational psychology in the classroom. Gavin is now an ELT author and freelance trainer – co-author of the latest Thinking Train classroom reader series with Helbling.

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UK Govt. bails out British Council, which has been suffering catastrophic losses since the worldwide closures of its profitable language schools. £60 Govt package (in addition to £28 million bail-out earlier) should keep BC operating until August. https://www.elgazette.com/uk-government-bails-out-british-council/

Malta is to re-open its English language schools in July. It will lift travel restrictions from 19 countries, but only two of these (Germany and Austria) are among its traditIonal markets. https://www.elgazette.com/malta-to-open-elt-in-july/

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