Alan Maley’s 50 Creative Activities


Alan Maley

Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-1-10-845776-7

Creativity involves aspects of innovation, quality and relevance. We recognise it, even if it is difficult to define. The activities in this 100- page practical book are loosely categorised into five areas: writing, music, drama, playing with language and hands-on. One activity, ‘Literature is all around us’, is based on ‘metathesis’, which is the reversal of items, for example, ‘Work is the curse of the drinking classes.’ Other ideas are similarly inventive and playful. Activities which don’t appeal to me may well appeal to others, such as: using puppets, improvisation and asking students to form a living tableau. Clearly, this book is intended for selective use. Maley provides frequent references to inspirational poems, paintings and music to weave into lessons. Brilliant, maverick and challenging in turns, but certainly never dull.

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