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Brexit effect on English language schools

As highlighted by Bath MP Wera Hobhouse, who raised the question of how the UK Government would support English language schools in the post-Brexit era in Parliament, this is an area of great concern to a sector already struggling due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Typically, teenagers in EU countries rely on identity cards to travel within the zone, so they often don’t have passports. However, Britain now requires both a passport and visa for entry. The UK Government has made the decision not to have separate rules for children and teenagers coming to the country for short educational school trips or study.

Further, Eastern European teachers employed for the lucrative summer term are no longer eligible for a visa within Brexit legislation.

As reported by, Wera Hobhouse said: “We must realise the value of English language teaching schools and their contribution to local economies in the UK. “The Government must provide them with the support they need.

“By not supporting these schools we add to the isolation of the UK after Brexit and risk the collapse of an industry that is so important to our country both economically and culturally.”

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