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Historic summer school re-launches for 2024

Padworth College Summer School first opened their doors almost sixty years ago. Now, the college are re-launching their summer programme for their sixtieth anniversary!

Padworth Summer School opened its West Berkshire campus back in 1964. Up until the pandemic, Padworth have been running their summer programmes, welcoming a plethora of international students every year. Just in time for their sixtieth anniversary, Padworth are re-launching their summer courses, hoping to welcome even more students next year.

The summer school will run two-week courses, designed to give students from around the world a chance to delve into subjects they are passionate about. These courses include a choice of three academic pathways: Global English, Explore STEM and Discover Business. Padworth College promises to provide ‘real-life opportunities’ through academic trips and key insight from industry speakers and ‘hackathons’.

Padworth will be led by the new director, Gavin Ayre, who has previously run other summer programmes in the UK, and is highly experienced in international education.

‘Our main goal at Padworth Summer School is to create unforgettable memories,’ says Gavin. ‘We do this through a holistic approach to experiential learning, which positively shapes students’ academic performance and enhanced social skills. By providing students with opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences both academically and socially, we ignite their thirst for knowledge, foster social connections, and cultivate a love of lifelong learning.

‘We don’t just offer a summer school programme focused on language learning, we also provide high-quality pathways in business and STEM.’

Padworth will be open to kids aged 14-17, with their first course starting in early July 2024. For more information, click here.

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