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IELTS scores open doors

Educationalists in Vietnam are worrying that students there are prioritising learning English over other subjects. One Hai Phong City high school headteacher told VietNamNet Global that teachers at his school were complaining that students were focusing on studying English at the expense of other subjects.

The situation has come about because of a perceived notion that universities are favouring students with high IELTS scores, with some that are unable to host their own entrance exams relying on IELTS scores instead.

“The goal of high school students is tertiary education,” the headteacher, who was unnamed, said, “so they have to study not only to get knowledge, but also to take exams. Top-tier universities want to select students who can meet standards to become global citizens. 

“Schools enrol students based on many factors, including their records at high school, high school final exam results, international certificates and achievements at national competitions, not only IELTS,” he continued. “I know many students who are very good at sciences, but not good at English.” He said he hoped these students’ abilities wouldn’t go to waste by not getting into their chosen school based solely on their knowledge of English.

Another headteacher, this one of a high school in Hanoi, told VietNamNet Global: “If you are not really good at English, you can choose other schools which don’t set high requirements for English skills and still fulfil your dream of having tertiary education.”

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Liz Granirer
Liz Granirer
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