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Low-cost language learning for disadvantaged

Covid-19 has impacted on children’s learning around the world, as schools have closed and online teaching has come to the fore. However, in lower-income areas, the price of getting access to computers and data can be a roadblock to education.

Step in 30-year-old Gloria Mngadi, who graduated from Durban University of Technology with a degree in language practice. She’s rolled out a WhatsApp group called Ingosi Yabantwana (Children’s Session) for kids aged from four to 12, though some adults have been joining in too. She chose WhatsApp to deliver the sessions because, as she says, it’s “a lot cheaper and accessible to the disadvantaged communities”.

She aims the teaching towards those who are attending either English- or isiZulu-only schools to ensure students are educated in reading and writing in both languages What’s her method?

“Ingosi Yabantwana is a storytelling group…. My plan is to teach them at an early age, as language is the core of life and can open lots of opportunities,” she says. “We also host face-to-face tutorials and monthly reading sessions.” She uses pictures, sound and video to tell the stories.

Image courtesy of Peter Roe from Pixabay
Liz Granirer
Liz Granirer
Liz has been a journalist for many years. She is currently editor of EL Gazette and has previously edited the magazines Young Performer, StepForward and Accounting Technician; been deputy editor on Right Start magazine; chief sub editor on Country Homes & Interiors; and sub editor on easyJet Traveller, Lonely Planet and Family Traveller magazines, along with a number of others.
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