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Major new update for the Callan Method

A new edition of Callan English has just been published. The update is the latest in a series of investments in the Callan Method, which is used by language schools and teachers worldwide as a fast way to help their students achieve fluency in English.

The Third Edition of Callan English brings vocabulary, grammar and usage up to date and aligns the stages of the course more closely with the CEFR.

This edition also introduces greatly enhanced teacher-led tests as well as student self-checks, and the books are integrated more closely with the online materials in the Callan App.

Duncan McLeay, author of the updated edition of Callan English, says: ‘The core principles of the Callan Method remain unchanged: the dynamic question-and-answer format and fast-paced lesson build confidence in speaking and listening skills. The constant correction and systematic revision are designed to ensure that correct grammar and pronunciation become second nature for students.’

There was a change in ownership at Callan Method Organisation in 2016, following the death of Robin Callan two years earlier. Significant investment has since taken place both in course content and in technology. In addition to the updated edition of the Callan English course, which covers A1 to C1, the range of courses now includes Callan for Kids, Callan for Business, Student’s Grammar Workbooks, and Callan Español, which covers Spanish up to UK GCSE/DELE B1.

The books are supported by the Callan app which includes online exercises, auto-correct dictations and a unique online record-and-compare pronunciation training module plus eBooks and audio books.

The Online Callan Classroom is a platform developed by the company to provide the optimal environment for organising and delivering online Callan Method classes. It came into its own during the pandemic and remains popular with schools who continue to offer online lessons.

With so much bad news in the language learning sector, it is encouraging that the Callan Method continues on its path of steady growth. Its progress is based entirely on word-of-mouth recommendations, with new Callan schools often being started by ex-students. The Method is now used in more than 40 countries with Brazil, Japan, Poland, the UK and Ukraine proving to be particularly strong and resilient markets. Ecuador, Chile and Mexico recently joined the list with new schools adopting the Method there. The Callan Method is also being used with tremendous success in the state school sector in Italy.

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