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News in Numbers: Malta 2022

In April, EL Gazette reported on Malta’s booming success as an ELT destination. In 2022, the numbers really spoke for themselves! Here’s the rundown:

Malta welcomes around two-million visitors every year. Last year, foreign students amounted to 56,675 visitors – up 28,822 from 2021. However, Malta is still yet to beat pre-pandemic levels of 87,000 students in 2019.

In 2022, 70.5% of students were from EU countries with most from Italy at 16.3%, followed by France at 13.1%, and Germany at 12.6%.

Students aged 15 and under were the largest demographic to visit Malta last year, accounting for 24.1% of the total number of students.

July was the busiest month, welcoming 21.6% of the total of students, and temperatures reaching almost 40°C – learning in that heat must be difficult!

Out of all the courses attended, 69.4% of students went for intensive English, followed by 20.7% taking “English for specific purposes.”

Malta’s success as an ELT destination could be down to advertising its teachers as native English speakers – 88% of the population are bilingual, with 66% also speaking Italian, and 17% speaking French. This is sure to attract students seeking to learn from a population that are also fantastic language-learners themselves!

Image courtesy of Som Thapa Magar
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