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Plane talking

On 22 July, 100 English language students, all of whom had tested positive for Covid, boarded the first medical evacuation flight from Malta to Paris, chartered by the Maltese government. Earlier in the week nearly 20 students who had tested negative were flown home via Rome, Frankfurt, Paris and Madrid. More evacuation flights are expected,

Following a spike in Covid cases, including a number of clusters based in language schools, all such schools were ordered to close at very short notice leaving students, many of whom were self-isolating, stranded in the Mediterranean island nation.

Image courtesy of Gerhard G. from Pixabay
Melanie Butler
Melanie Butler
Melanie started teaching EFL in Iran in 1975. She worked for the BBC World Service, Pearson/Longman and MET magazine before taking over at the Gazette in 1987 and also launching Study Travel magazine. Educated in ten schools in seven countries, she speaks fluent French and Spanish and rather rusty Italian.
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