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Primary Learner’s Dictionary, 2nd edition

Primary Learner’s Dictionary, 2nd edition


ISBN: 978-0-00-825319-6

At what age do you provide young learners with a monolingual dictionary? The third edition of this primary learner’s dictionary is for students aged seven and above. It is aimed at A1-B1 users, and the definitions are suitably simplified. The most common and useful headwords are set in blue boxes, making them easy to identify. Frequent line drawings provide visual support for words like ‘arch’, ‘handle’ and ‘smudge’, and a 16-page colour insert provides more pictures in relevant areas like mathematics, geography and science. I like the study exercises which familiarise users with concepts like ‘inflections’ and ‘style labels’. Compact.

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Pete Sharma
Pete Sharma
Pete is a teacher and teacher trainer with a Masters in Educational Technology and ELT from Manchester University, and a background in business English teaching. He is a lecturer in EAP at Warwick University, and an active consultant with many organisations. Pete's book reviews are provided courtesy of BEBC:
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