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PronPack 3: Pronunciation Pairworks

Mark Hancock

Hancock McDonald ELT

ISBN 9780995757578

This is the third in a series of four complementary books focusing on pronunciation. This one contains information-gap activities for pairs or small groups. Each of the 12 activities is designed to take around 15-20 minutes of class time; alternative versions are sometimes provided. The book includes practice in distinguishing minimum pairs and word stress. ‘Sound bites’ is fun, illustrating homophones in a humorous way, eg., ‘great eyes’ and ‘grey ties’. The activities are creative, and the graphics are inventive. Pronunciation is an often-neglected area, making this well- crafted set of materials especially welcome. The first two PronPacks have previously been reviewed here.

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Pete Sharma
Pete Sharma
Pete is a teacher and teacher trainer with a Masters in Educational Technology and ELT from Manchester University, and a background in business English teaching. He is a lecturer in EAP at Warwick University, and an active consultant with many organisations. Pete's book reviews are provided courtesy of BEBC:
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