Sunday, May 26, 2024

iWonder 1 Pupil’s Book

Jenny Dooley and Bob Obee

Express Publishing

ISBN: 9781471569111

The highlight of iWonder is the AR (Augmented Reality) feature. Users can listen to songs and watch videos using the app on their mobile device. I initially struggled to do this rather ineffectively with my iPhone, until I viewed the AR content on a tablet. I was hooked! Young learners will be too! This 112-page book teaches English alongside other school subjects, and includes project work and craftwork. The songs are fun and catchy, and the stories memorable. The extent to which critical thinking can be developed in young learners is something teachers themselves must decide. Innovative.

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Pete Sharma
Pete Sharma
Pete is a teacher and teacher trainer with a Masters in Educational Technology and ELT from Manchester University, and a background in business English teaching. He is a lecturer in EAP at Warwick University, and an active consultant with many organisations. Pete's book reviews are provided courtesy of BEBC:
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