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Our World 3

Second Edition

Rob Sved

National Geographic Learning

ISBN 9780357032046

This is the A1 Level of a seven-level course for young learners. The cross- curricular approach provides topics spanning Social Science, Health And Physical Education, Literature And Music. The photographs are hugely impressive, taking students majestically across continents from Venezuala to Madagascar and showing well-known and less well-known places (Chania, Maré) which certainly arouse curiosity about the world. One amazing photo of limbo skating in New Delhi remains etched in my mind. The collaborative projects like ‘Making a collage’, and the inclusion of songs and fun stickers in the back of the book make this an active, age- appropriate course. Worth investigating.


Image courtesy of Library
Pete Sharma
Pete Sharma
Pete is a teacher and teacher trainer with a Masters in Educational Technology and ELT from Manchester University, and a background in business English teaching. He is a lecturer in EAP at Warwick University, and an active consultant with many organisations. Pete's book reviews are provided courtesy of BEBC: www.bebc.co.uk.
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