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School owner loses case against Irish government

Brazilian-born language school owner Tiago Da Silva Macarenhas has lost his appeal to have a 2019 decision by the Irish Minister of Justice ban him from residing in Ireland, according to the Irish Independent newspaper, 

In 2020, the High Court found him guilty of entering a sham marriage in 2011 in contravention of the immigration rules. However, in 2021, Mr Mascarenhas informed the Irish government that he has been awarded Portuguese citizenship, which under EU law gives automatic right of residence in Ireland. The Irish government then withdrew the proposal to deport him.

Mascarenhas, who owns the SEDA College in Dublin, which offers courses in general English, then went to court to ask for the original decision to ban him from residing in the country be invalided because it impacted on his rights, including his right to Irish citizenship. But the court agreed with the government’s case that the legal question at issue had been resolved and the case was thus moot.

The court has now ordered that Mr Mascarenhas must pay the government’s legal costs. He has two weeks to appeal the order.

Image courtesy of William Murphy/Wikimedia Commons
Melanie Butler
Melanie Butler
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