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Teacher wins tribunal against former employer

A teacher from Golders Green College and School of English has won a tribunal against her former employer for ‘unfair constructive dismissal’ and ‘unlawful deductions’ from wages and holiday pay.

Ms V, who resigned from her position in May 2022, has been awarded compensation of almost £40,000.

Golders Green College were found to have acted unlawfully and unfairly in the period Ms V had worked for them. While Ms V was at the college, they had made unlawful changes to her contract without consultation, refused to acknowledge a grievance, used threatening behaviour both in writing and in person, and refused to acknowledge Ms V’s membership of a trade union.

Tom Liebewitz, chair of the TEFL Workers’ Union said:

‘The English language teaching industry can be notoriously difficult to hold to account. The fight isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Ms V is an inspiration to TEFL workers across the UK for having the courage to stand up and fight back.’

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