Ten-year-old teaches English to thousands


A ten-year-old New Yorker has recently established an online English programme teaching tens of thousands of students in countries including China, Mexico, Germany, Singapore and Japan, according to Chinese website Xinhuanet.

Joy He Zhiya was six when she went with her Chinese American family to spend the summer of 2012 in Mowo, a village in the mountains of Longlin, in Guangxi province, China. There she found no English teacher in the primary school but plenty of demand for learning the language. Returning the following year, she taught Mowo village school’s first ever English lessons.

After she left, she continued teaching English online, her classes attracting hundreds of students in Guangxi. Assisted by her mother, a State University of New York English professor, Joy created her own teaching method. In March, when the Covid-19 outbreak started, she established Joyland School, teaching in 12 countries. She has already attracted $26,000 in donations.

Image courtesy of Xinhuanet