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The British Council launch IELTS Ready: Premium

The British Council have recently announced the IELTS Ready: Premium, a new service providing personalised learning for IELTS takers. 

IELTS Ready: Premium would give all IELTS takers free and unlimited access to their course once they book their IELTS exam. The service provides 40 mock tests, recorded classes, writing practice, and feedback on reading and listening questions. The BC claims it has already had a successful pilot period, with 97% of users reporting it helped them achieve their desired score, and 98% saying they would recommend the service to their peers. 

“We want to give our IELTS test takers every tool we can to achieve their ambitions of living, working or studying overseas,” says Director of IELTS at the British Council, Andrew Mackenzie. “We are therefore excited to launch IELTS Ready: Premium, to help them feel fully prepared and have the best chance to fulfil those dreams.”  

This new service will be powered by leading Ed-Tech company GEL (Guided e-Learning). GEL already have 15 years of experience supporting students with their English-language learning. Besides IELTS Ready: Premium, GEL provide GEL IELTS Prep, and GELnet for English language schools.

Image courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio
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