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The Michigan English Test goes live

Michigan Language Assessment launched MET Digital to provide test-takers and accepting institutions with global access to a Michigan certificate of English proficiency

Michigan Language Assessment recently accomplished an important milestone: the digital launch of their Michigan  English Test (MET). MET Digital is a secure, affordable testing solution, meeting the evolving needs of global test-takers and accepting institutions. MET Digital is now available most days of the year, nearly anywhere in the world, at Authorised Test Centres and from home.

To address the challenges posed by the pandemic, different stakeholders emphasised the importance of increased flexibility and access. In addition to meeting these needs, MET Digital also follows high standards of test security, validity and reliability.

“A secure English proficiency exam trusted by universities, professional 
boards, governments and other recognising organisations across the globe”

“A lot of research has been conducted on the MET since its initial launch more than
a decade ago. That research provides strong evidence on the validity and reliability of the test so test users can depend on the outcomes from the test,” said Gad Lim, PhD, Director of Assessment at Michigan Language Assessment.

MET Digital makes it possible for an even larger population of foreign language speakers to take a secure English proficiency exam trusted by universities, professional boards, governments and other recognising organisations across the globe. Test results are securely accessed through the Michigan Language Assessment Portal, typically within five days.

Authorised Test Centres received training on the new administration and security procedures for digital exams. Security for remote testing is enhanced by multiple measures implemented through Michigan Language Assessment’s partnership with Prometric, a global leader in technology- enabled testing and assessment solutions, including live human proctoring and artificial intelligence monitoring, confirming the identity of the test-takers and ensuring that they don’t have access to any aids during the entire exam. The partnership with Prometric also expands the locations where MET Digital is available to 180 countries.
MET Digital offers a unique feature to improve test-taker experience and results. Test-takers who feel their performance does not adequately reflect their skills can now choose to retake one of three sections of the 4-skill MET Digital when they receive their initial results, reducing stress and expenses to meet their certification requirements. The highest of the two scores is listed on the final report with an indicator to show the retaken section.

“I felt comfortable taking MET Digital,” says one of the first test-takers who completed the exam from her home in Colombia. She plans to use her certification to apply to a higher education institution in Canada. “I had a very good experience.” She also commented that MET Digital results accurately reflect her command of the language and that the test is different from the other English proficiency exams she has taken. “It’s stricter in terms of security,” she says.

Michigan Language Assessment 

Michigan Language Assessment is a not-for- profit collaboration between 
the University of Michigan and Cambridge Assessment English, two 
institutions with long histories and leadership roles in the field of 
language assessment, language teaching, second language acquisition and 
applied linguistics research. Michigan Language Assessment provides a 
comprehensive range of trusted English language tests to enable English 
language learners worldwide to expand their personal opportunities, gain 
internationally recognised certification, and improve their educational 
and professional prospects. Learn more at michiganassessment.org and follow 
them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn for more exciting 

The launch of MET Digital required the development of a new customer portal and the use of new technology. It’s also the result of a collaborative effort that involved continuous feedback from test- takers, test centres, partner institutions and recognising organisations. Michigan Language Assessment is grateful for their contributions and support of this digital transformation project.

Students can contact an Authorised Test Centre near them to register for MET Digital in-centre. They can also register remotely to take MET Digital from the comfort of their own homes by visiting MET Digital’s information and registration page, where they’ll be guided to create an account with the Michigan Language Assessment Portal, and schedule and pay for their exam.

11/6/19 ELI Director Team headshots

With almost 40 years of experience in ELT, Dr Fernando Fleurquin is the Director of Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Relations at Michigan Language Assessment. Aconference presenter in over 20 countries, he is an English teacher and a medical doctor, has a master’s degree in Marketing & Business Management, and is a doctoral candidate in Higher Education.

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