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Trinity College London launch AI language-learning app

A new app, designed by Trinity College London, uses generative AI to create personalised learning for students aged five to 14.

SkillUp! uses gamification techniques, including quizzes, puzzles and exercises to encourage fun and enjoyable learning. Listening skills are developed through stories, with extra activities to develop speaking and writing skills.

According to the Trinity team, the app also includes an inbuilt AI listening and pronunciation tutor, that gives instant feedback. It can adapt to each student, and covers the needs of every students, from those with special needs, to students preparing for the Trinity GESE exams.

Research from Associate Professor, Blanka Klímová, has suggested that AI can be a useful tool for language skills. Her research project, Language in the Human-Machine Era, has assessed the usefulness of AI for students learning foreign languages.

Erez Tocker, CEO of Trinity College London, has said: ‘As a modern heritage business, we know the importance of staying relevant to our customers.  The SkillUp! app is a good illustration of how Trinity is transforming its business using technology while also maintaining high standards of academic integrity.’

Image courtesy of Rob Hampson
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