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UK approves the use of new LanguageCert English tests, SELT list update coming soon

The LanguageCert Academic and General tests have been approved as Secure English Language Tests (SELT) by immigration officials at the UK Home Office.

The five-yearly update of the full SELT system, which covers all tests of English accepted for UK visa purposes, is expected early next year.

Both new tests will be available for global use on 19 December this year. LanguageCert’s international ESOL SELT test remains on the list.

LanguageCert Academic was created in response to a growing need for more tests that assesses English proficiency within academic settings. Similarly, LanguageCert General was designed for those preparing for professional employment.

The company’s Chief Languages Officer, Marios Molfetas says:

‘We’re dedicated to creating and delivering top-tier language assessments that enhance the lives and educational journeys of individuals worldwide. LanguageCert Academic and General represent our commitment to continually evaluate and meet the evolving needs of our diverse user base, ensuring the provision of secure, relevant, and reliable testing.’

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