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UK: schools restrict enrolment due to bed shortages

Residential and homestay shortages stopped around 6000 students from enrolling in UK schools last year.

Around two-thirds of  ELT centres restricted their student intake last year because of significant housing impacts, according to a report from English UK and BONARD.

A survey of 91 English UK member centres found that many of them felt it necessary to limit enrolment in 2023 due to a shortage of suitable student housing.

Respondents reported a lack of 3815 beds in residences and 3358 homestay places, meaning more than 6600 students missed out on enrolling in schools last year.

Across the country, the South West and Channel Islands experienced the worst accommodation shortfalls, while Central England and Wales suffered the least.

In preparation for the upcoming summer, 42% of respondents said they are working to increase the number of beds available. However, the general outlook is bleak, with 75% anticipating an increased demand for residential accommodation, and 69% agreeing they will struggle to find enough homestay places to meet demand.

English UK have said:

‘A lack of suitable student accommodation negatively impacts student experience and recruitment, damaging the UK’s reputation as a study destination […] We have formed an accommodation working group to review these recommendations and will update members on our progress.’

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