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Ukraine to give English special status

On Friday 12 August, during a press briefing at the Media Centre Ukraine, Rostyslav Karandieiev, the country’s First Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy, reiterated Ukraine’s desire to join the EU. To this end, he announced the government’s plan to support a law to establish the special status of English as the language of international communication, acknowledging its place as the de facto lingua franca of Europe. Further, the draft law will expand the scope of English within Ukraine and it will be made mandatory to use English within certain areas of public life. 

At present, Ukraine’s population is ranked 40th out of 112 countries in terms of English proficiency, so there is ample scope for teaching and learning English there. To this end, an interdepartmental working group is being put together to review proposals for implementing the law, with public discussion followed by its presentation to the government.

The minister stressed that at present the draft is both at a very early stage and is not intended to limit or restrict the use of Ukrainian in the future. However, if English is given special status, it will be included in the national curriculum and would be taught from Kindergarten on as a second foreign language.

Image courtesy of Media Center Ukraine - Ukrinform
Liz Granirer
Liz Granirer
Liz has been a journalist for many years. She is currently editor of EL Gazette and has previously edited the magazines Young Performer, StepForward and Accounting Technician; been deputy editor on Right Start magazine; chief sub editor on Country Homes & Interiors; and sub editor on easyJet Traveller, Lonely Planet and Family Traveller magazines, along with a number of others.
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