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UK’s south coast educators offer help to refugees with English

The International Education Association (IEA) in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch has coordinated a response from its members along with other international education providers on the south coast of England to provide free education, especially English language lessons, to refugees. Dave Clark, of BEET Language Centre & ITTC and an IEA member, is coordinating the IEA’s support with Refuaid to help all refugees to be placed in the appropriate programme.

Some refugees have already been placed in programmes and are starting to learn new skills to help them rebuild their lives in the UK. 

“The response and generosity of international educators to freely open their classrooms has been absolutely amazing,” says Guido Schillig, chair of the IEA, “We are pleased to be working in conjunction with Refuaid, which oversees all the needs of each refugee and are coordinating the placements.”

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