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USA benefits as international students reconsider where to study

Policy changes in the UK, Australia and Canada mean international students are choosing the USA instead.

The Voice of the International Student Pulse Survey from IDP Education has indicated that international students are ‘seeking stability’ when looking to study abroad. Over 2500 prospective, applied and current students from 67 countries responded to the survey. Answers suggest that changes in policy are important when making a decision.

‘As key destinations apply more restrictive measures and barriers to entry for students […] choices will shift accordingly,’ said IDP Connect CEO Simon Emmett.

‘This latest pulse survey highlights that international students are highly attuned to the ongoing discussions regarding policy changes, and that this is impacting the standing of the top global study destinations at a time when competition between destination countries is at an all-time high.’

The UK has seen significant impact from policy changes, with nearly half of prospective students (49%) reconsidering or unsure of their plans to study there. For Australia and Canada, those numbers are 47% and 43% respectively. As a result, the USA has become a more attractive destination for students, according to the research.

IDP Education CEO Tenealle O’Shannessy has said:

‘Students should be armed with all the information they need to make an educated decision on where they are choosing to study to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed while living and studying abroad.

‘IDP will continue to work with students as they embark on their international education journey to ensure they understand possible impacts of policy changes in their desired study destination and can make the right choices.’

Image courtesy of Ferdinand Stohr
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