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Why Perfectly Spoken is best in class

Perfectly Spoken is an award winning, fully customisable English language learning platform. Over five years have been invested in time and resources to create this bespoke web app with exclusive course content delivered and taught by expert English teachers. This, combined with a true understanding of the learning needs of today’s students, international businesses and educational institutions, is what makes Perfectly Spoken best in class

Perfectly Spoken has become firmly established as a leading online ELT provider to individual students. By providing a service that is flexible, accessible and affordable, the company has built a truly global learning community with students across 196 countries attracted by its unique combination of traditional teaching methodology supported by a truly innovative and custom-built English learning platform. Provision of online self-study and live practice is delivered by highly experienced English language teachers, the majority of whom are DELTA qualified and have additional professional working experience in areas ranging from publishing to the corporate environment

Partnering opportunities

The company is now looking to accelerate its growth in the B2B market. By expanding its network of agents and making its learning solution available to businesses of any size and education institutions, it offers both off the shelf and custom plans to match learning objectives and budgets, is and equally effective for ESL and EFL learners.

In addition, and taking advantage of its status as a totally independent company, Perfectly Spoken is also seeking to build on its experience of working on short and longerterm collaborative ventures and the forming of strategic partnerships with other providers in the sector, both in the UK, where the company is based, and internationally.

A company with a passion to help everyone

Since its inception, Perfectly Spoken has provided opportunities to disadvantaged learners and refugees for whom learning English can be literally life changing. The company is proud of its association with international charities such as RefuAid and its scholarship programme is open to students from any country affected by war and conflict. It was one of the first providers to open its doors to displaced Ukrainians. The company also supports language training providers in emerging economies through exclusive pricing packages in line with local market conditions.


As a leading online global English language training platform, the company is looking to expand its network of agent representatives. Recognising the vital role an agent plays in helping students make the right study decisions, agents can offer their students their own customised English language learning platform, loaded with a wide selection of courses and supporting learning activities. It’s real added-value study packages for students going to or returning from the UK and other English-speaking countries, or to support students looking to improve their English at home, at high school or university. Find out more:

Education providers

Allow Perfectly Spoken’s English language courses to become the perfect complement to yours. Select from our comprehensive range of English language courses to add to your own offer to further help Englishlanguage students in your country improve their English skills with your own customised platform. An ideal flexible, effective and affordable complementary service for high schools, universities and language academies. Find out more:

Essential info

If you are interested in not just another learning platform, but the best in class, then find out more about Perfectly Spoken at

Plans to suit any organisation

Perfectly Spoken Teams offers three learning plans: Basic, Premium and Custom to suit any organisation’s training needs and budget.

Key features include:

  • Branded customisation
  • Extensive course selection
  • Easy user management
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting
  • No set up costs; free user reassignment

Free no obligation trials are available now.

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