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France: Teacher burns students’ exams

An English teacher in France was arrested on Tuesday, 9 May, after burning his students’ Baccalauréat examinations. Victor Immordino set the papers alight outside his lycée professionnel school in Paris.

In a video taken by Immordino, he says “My aim was to start a public debate,” as he torches 63 completed papers. “In three years, I’ve seen there’s no point in what we do … we see students who have spent seven years in this system and can’t even string two words [of English] together.” He claims a third of his pupils handed in a blank paper, and only some had come close to passing.

The extreme reaction is said to be in protest of an “out of date” Baccalauréat; according to The Times, France’s “under-performing” education system is failing students who leave school unable to hold basic conversation in English.

Immordino faces up to 10 years in prison and a $160,000 fine. He will stand trial in October for “destruction of property by dangerous means.”

This shocking event comes just a week after President Macron announced plans of reform to the lycée professionnel, including new courses and cash incentives for students.

Image courtesy of Andy Barbour
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