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Pakistan: BC cancels all exams – UPDATED 17 May

The British Council in Pakistan has suddenly cancelled all examinations for today (10 May) and tomorrow (11 May) following the arrest of ex-Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

Yesterday (9 May) paramilitary officers descended upon the High Court in Islamabad where Khan was appearing on charges of corruption. The shock arrest was a catalyst for protests and violent clashes from Khan’s supporters, with at least one person dead as a result.

Student and teacher safety has been cited as the reason for the cancellations, which includes O-Level, A-Level, Pearson, and IELTS.

Also among the cancelled examinations is the Cambridge International Assessment which cannot be taken again. As a two-part paper, the grade for the second paper will be given based on the first, plus general performance of the student. This must be a shocking and frustrating development for EFL students who have been working hard to sit their exams this May.


Schools in Pakistan have urged Cambridge International to reschedule its examinations.

According to Samaa, Cambridge exams were allowed to go forward from Monday, 13 May. However, those that missed out last week have expressed dismay at losing the opportunity to sit their exams.

The British Council is “reviewing” a proposal to reschedule the examinations, with “discussions underway.” The schools claim that students could get their admissions to university if they sat the exams by July.

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