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New English certificate from Pearson launches in Japan

Versant by Pearson is an English proficiency certification aimed at young professionals that is now available in Japan.

According to Pearson, the certificate is available online, with a score provided just minutes after taking the test.

The certificate was developed in response to market demand for a test that measures English communication in everyday and professional settings. This includes drafting an email, summarising a group discussion, and responding to customers online.

‘We know that businesses are looking for a test that shows if a candidate has the English skills needed to succeed in a global economy,’ said President of English Language Learning at Pearson, Gio Giovannelli. He goes on to say that the fully certified test ‘is developed to provide a portable and verifiable credential that proves a candidate’s ability to use English in relevant, work-related settings.’

Pearson have launched the service in Japan in partnership with Nikkei, an economic media brand based in Asia. They plan to launch the service in other markets starting early 2024.

Executive Officer of Nikkei, Yuichiro Watanabe, has said:

‘This new language test features a cutting-edge AI-scoring system, alongside propriety technology for voice, face, ID recognition and digital credentialling. This ensures that certification is fast, accurate and secure. We are confident that the Versant by Pearson English Certificate is a game-changing leap forward in proving and certificating English skills in Japan.’

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