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British Council: ELTRAs call for proposals

The English Language Teaching Research Awards (ELTRAs) 2023-24 are now open for proposals.

The ELTRAs are a scheme from the British Council inviting researchers to submit proposals related to English language teaching and learning. Potential proposals will be evaluated by a panel of British Council ELT specialists against their set criteria, including relevance, originality, impact and contribution.

This year, the awards are focussed on teacher development in four areas:

  • English language teaching in education: the teaching and learning of English in formal education systems where English is taught as a mandatory or elective subject.
  • English in a multilingual world: bilingual or multilingual education systems where English is the language of teaching and learning for all or part of the education system.
  • English for girls’ education: empowering girls, through agency and voice, who are out of school and/or living in socio-economically disadvantaged or isolated communities where language is a barrier for education.
  • Language for resilience: the role of English (and other languages) in giving a voice to young people and adults affected by conflict.

The ELTRAs aim to support high-quality, relevant and accessible research for ELT professionals worldwide.

Anyone wishing to submit a proposal must have a formal affiliation to a UK higher educational institution, and must include a letter from their institution. However, applications must also have an additional co-Principal Investigator who is national of, and based in, a recognised institution from an ODA-eligible country that is included as a research location in the study. Thereby, research should take place outside the UK, in whole or part.

The deadline to submit your proposal is Friday 12 January 2024.

If you would like to submit a proposal, or for more information about the scheme, click here.

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