The New A-Z of ELT


A Dictionary of Terms and Concepts

Scott Thornbury

Macmillan Education

ISBN: 978-1-786-32788-8

The title of this well-established reference book is self-explanatory. I loved the first version, which appeared in 2006. The new edition is more than 60 pages longer, and new entries include: academic word list, adaptive learning and mobile learning. I was delighted to see both ‘Blended Learning’ and ‘flipped classroom’ accorded their own entries. The topics are divided into three main fields: language (e.g. grammar), learning (e.g. psycholinguistics) and teaching (e.g. methodology). Many entries have been updated, and some have disappeared. Navigation is also made easier with the inclusion of colour headings. Entries are clear, concise and accessible. Authoritative; a must-have for teacher trainers.

Image courtesy of Library