ETPedia™ Grammar


500 ideas and activities for teaching grammar

Daniel Barber and Ceri Jones

Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-912-75502-8

This hefty, 242-page resource book contains a mixture of tips, ideas and activities to help teachers plan and deliver lessons with grammar. The ideas are grouped logically into areas such as future forms, modals, conditionals and passives. Some ideas are familiar: Kim’s Game and pelmanism, for instance. Others are variants on well-established ideas, like speculating on using lottery money, but this time as a class. Others originate from the repertoire of the highly-experienced author team. I particularly like the card activity for practising the present perfect continuous. Time-saving; especially the 56-page bank of photocopiable material, which is easy to dip into for inspiration.

Image courtesy of Library