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Students choose Australia and Canada

Australia and Canada are neck-and-neck to be students’ first choice, according to the Emerging Futures survey.

The survey – conducted by Australian Public Company, IDP Education – collected the views of more than 10,000 respondents from 98 different countries. Results showed Australia and Canada were on equal standing as students’ first choice study destination, at 25% each. Close behind was the UK at 22% and the US at 19%.

Further findings suggested that the key factors behind decisions were that the country had ‘high quality of education’, ‘good employment opportunities’, and was ‘safe … for international students’.

IDP’s survey also found that students studying in Australia had a satisfaction rate of 7.5 out of 10, which is higher than the UK and Canada, but just below the US at 7.8.

However, the cost of living has continued to be a concern for international students. More than a third (35%) have said their accommodation close to campus has cost more than they budgeted. Another 32% have chosen to rent further away from campus for more affordable housing.

Joanna Storti of IDP Connect has said:

‘Global competition for international students remains high. While Australia is clearly attractive for international students at present, it’s imperative that their voices continue to be heard by policy makers and institutions so that Australia remains a leading choice for students.’

Image courtesy of Zaynyee Liew
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